Accountability and Financial Management of our HOA

Craig Osborn

A month ago, on April 17, I promised as the sole remaining board member after the resignations of the others, to set up a series of dedicated Q&A sessions for HOA topics because there are many questions that we all have a right to get answered.  Two of those Q&A sessions have been held, a third is happening tonight, and others are scheduled over the coming weeks, for all of us to be able to ask our questions.  One of those sessions, scheduled for June 3, is on the topic of financial management. 

Our Newly Reopened Study Room at the Anatolia Clubhouse

In February, the Study Room at the Anatolia Clubhouse (which belongs to all of us) was closed to us by a majority of the Board of Directors, inappropriately, without permission of the Anatolia home owners.  The majority of board was not listening to us, the home owners.  They resigned on April 8, 2018.  The sole remaining board member is me (Craig Osborn, Anatolia home owner and resident with my family since 2006).  I am re-opening the Study Room to all of us – all members and guests of the Clubhouse at Anatolia – beginning today, April 13, 2018.  It is ours!