New Management Company Effective July 1st

FirstService Residential will be the managing agent effective July 1st and by now you should have received a Welcome Letter introducing the new management team along with instructions on what action is necessary for you to take with respect to making the July assessment payment.   If you have not received any information, please contact the FirstService Transition Team at 888.990.2334 and they will be able to assist you.    

Please keep in mind that if you are currently on ACH with the previous management company, it will automatically end. Your July payment will NOT be debited from your account until you re-sign up for ACH through your bank or FirstService Residential’s ACH service provider, ClickPay, by visiting, referencing your Access Number, <<ACSN>> found on your Welcome Letter,  and entering the last name as it appears on your statement.   Do not register for ClickPay until you receive your July billing statement, which will arrive in late June.   

Please note that this statement will ONLY reflect your current monthly dues. Any balances or credits you have will be reflected in your second statement, once final accounting reports are received from the previous management company. As a courtesy, we will waive late fees for the first two months after the transition, July and August. We appreciate your patience.

The HOA Assessments page has been updated with all of the NEW Assessment Payment Options.