Architectural Control Committee

Mike Cunningham, Chairman
Amber Siepmann
Steve Brown
Kathie Ventura
Andy Payne
Ron Hutton

The Anatolia Architectural Control Committee (ACC) serves to help homeowners and residents know, understand and adhere to the guidelines established for our community. The committee is responsible for reviewing, approving or denying improvements to the exterior of your property. Most alterations, including paint choices, require a Home Improvement Request Application to be submitted BEFORE any work commences. Providing clear scale drawings and color photos help make the application clear for review. To avoid making costly errors, please reference the list of Rules and Regulations.

It’s that time of year when we start thinking about home improvements and maintenance needs. Before starting on any home improvement projects, it’s imperative that you determine whether an application is required. To assure homeowners a timely review, the ACC meets twice monthly. If you are unsure about your specific project or have questions about your application, please contact the Anatolia Clubhouse Assistant Manager at 916-294-0026.

Below are quick guidelines and a short list of common projects.

  1. FENCES: If you are planning to repaint your fence, approved fence color is Sherwin Williams Caribou - SW 3025 stain.

  2. EXTERIOR PAINT: If you are planning to repaint any part of the exterior of your home with original colors, no application is required. If you plan on using different colors, an application is required. Samples of approved colors are available.

  3. SCREEN/SECURITY DOORS: If you are planning to install a screen door or security door, an application must be submitted with a photo of the design of the door.

  4. REMOVAL OR REPLACEMENT OF PLANTINGS: If you are planning any landscaping changes to the front or sides of your  home, an application is required. Include a list and images of replacement plantings. In addition to ACC approval, the City of Rancho Cordova requires a permit for removal and replacement of trees.

  5. BARK CHIPS: If you are planning to freshen up your decorative bark chips that are visible from the street, only bark with a “warm color” and with a minimum size of 3/4 inches is allowed. Shredded bark is not permitted.

  6. ANTENNAS AND SATELLITE DISHES: Any wiring on the exterior of your home that is visible from the street must be painted the same color as the paint color on the body of your home. These types of installations require Committee approval PRIOR to installation. Typically, the installer will not remove old equipment and wiring, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to remove them.

  7. DRIVEWAY CHANGES: All driveway changes, including any extensions, require an application. No more than 2 feet of extension is allowed on each side of the driveway or 4 feet max on one side. If you make changes to your driveway prior to obtaining ACC approval, you may be required to remove the changes and return the driveway to its former state.

  8. SHEDS: All sheds must be at least 5 feet from any fence line and require an application. The ACC considers the height and location, as the shed must NOT be visible from the street. The type of planned roofing and building materials must be listed on application. Pictures and scale diagrams are tremendously helpful.

Exterior Paint color schemes

The Anatolia Homeowners Association has a selection of approved color schemes for use on the exterior of the homes in our community. Click on the buttons below to view a document detailing how to use the color schemes and the process for submitting a ACC Request for approval to paint the home. You can also view the approved color schemes below.