Anatolia Homeowners

Welcome to the homeowners section of the Anatolia Homeowners Association website. Here you will find many resources for homeowners from Clubhouse newsletters to Governing Documents. Many of these documents are available to homeowners only in the password protected HOA Documents section. If you are a homeowner and you have not yet received the password, please call the clubhouse at (916) 294-0026.

Renters in the community are not allowed access to Governing Documents. Please contact the homeowner or property management company used by the homeowner for a copy of these documents. If you would like to download a copy of the Community Rules & Regulations, please click on the button on this page.


Regular property inspections are an important part of managing homeowners association risks. Thorough inspections increase the safety and well-being of homeowners, protect property values, and reduce the risk of costly repairs and lawsuits. After a temporary absence, a regular inspection will be enforced immediately.

Here are some reminders of owner’s responsibilities and maintenance items that can be found in the CC&R’s and Rules & Regulations.

  • Upkeep of landscaping which includes replacement of any dead lawn, weed removal, lawn mowing, trees, and shrubs trimming.

  • The driveway should be kept clean of any oil or other stains at all times.

  • Garage is used for parking and storage of cars, boats and similar vehicles. The door should remain closed except for entering/exiting the garage is in use and attended.

  • No trailer, camper, truck (in excess of one ton), any commercial vehicle, boats or similar recreational vehicles shall be permitted within the community.

  • Trash containers shall be stored in an area that is not visible for the common area or other home sites.

  • No sports fixtures such as basketball standard hoops, or backboards, or other fixed sports apparatus shall be permitted to be permanently installed upon any unit.

It is the responsibility of all motorists and pedestrians to observe all traffic laws as described in the California Vehicle Code. The daily mission of uniformed officers is to ensure the safe movement of traffic and enforce the California Vehicle Code. The top five causes of collisions are speed violations, red light violations, right-of-way violations, pedestrian violations, and driving-under-the-influence (DUI). As motorists and pedestrians, we need to obey traffic laws that assure our safety. The uniformed officers' efforts, combined with the active participation of community members following the rules of the road, will help ensure the safety of motorists and pedestrians throughout our community. 

Public access to the Vernal Pool Reserve, which borders a portion of the Anatolia Community, is strictly prohibited. This area is environmentally protected by law, and any trespassing will be prosecuted. Please do not enter the wetland for any reason. If you witness trespassers, please contact Network Community Management. Thank you.